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What is NBTC?

Fuelled by a passion for next-generation technology.

For the past 18 years, the National Business and Technology Conference has been Canada’s premiere destination for students and professionals in the business and technology industry.

It’s a gathering of young leaders, CEOs, hackers, thinkers, and hustlers. It's a congregation of the industry’s innovators and the upcoming generation of founders, entrepreneurs and leaders to share and celebrate the innovation and diversity on which the technology community thrives. NBTC is hosted and attended by people who not only understand technology; they live and breathe it.

Each year at NBTC, hundreds of students take advantage of the opportunity to network with recruiters, participate in competitions, and learn about the critical technologies that are shaping the modern world.

In short, think IoT, SaaS, big data, deep learning and AI - and the limitless opportunities and applications thereof. Not familiar? Come to NBTC to learn more about the technologies companies rely on. Our conference will provide you the help you need to build a compelling case to impress our sponsors.

$8000+ in Prizes

250+ Delegates

15 Startups Competing

Who Goes?

NBTC isn't just for students enrolled in business and STEM programs. Anyone with an interest in the cutting edge of technology, and its intersection with the business world, can take advantage of an incredibly unique experience at NBTC. Here's who you can expect to see at NBTC:

The brightest and best students and prospective biztech wizards around, all in search of the next big thing, seeking to network with some of the biggest and most exciting brands. NBTC attracts talent from schools all over southern Ontario, with attendees from U of T, UW, Queen's, UWO, York, and Ryerson. Even high school students have found success at NBTC!
People with big ideas and a strong interest in the cutting edge of their industry find themselves at home at NBTC. Passionate, hard-working, and always up to a new challenge, these are the faces of our fabled case competitions and entrepreneurship challenges.
Industry Leaders
NBTC is your chance to get to know some of the minds behind the country's most renowned startups, firms, and institutions. See our list of past speakers below for a glimpse of who you might just bump into this year.

Past Speakers

NBTC has a rich history of showcasing brilliant minds such as...
Harry Rosen
Founder of Harry Rosen
Isadore Sharp
Founder & Chairman of Four Seasons
Reza Satchu
Co-Founder, Managing Partner of Alignvest Management Corporation and Founding Chairman & Co-Chair of The Next 36
Ray Cao
CEO of Loose Button
Sean Wise
Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ted Rogers School of Business at Ryerson
Andrew D’Souza
President at Bionym
Daniel Debow
Senior Vice President at Salesforce and Co-Founder of Rypple
Bruce Ross
Senior Vice President at RBC
Scott Miller
CEO of Vision Critical

Where is it, again?

We'll see you at the Chelsea Hotel, Toronto. See below for details and directions.

Our Team

Meet the NBTC '18 team, hailing from 5 different Ontario universities!

Our NBTC team is incredibly excited to be working together on the conference this year.
We pride ourselves on the work we're putting in to deliver you a fantastic experience.
Be sure to keep checking back here, on social media, and at for more updates from the team!